Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Babies Everywhere!

Last month, I posted a picture of a lovely robin's nest that we found in the rhododendron bush next to our porch. For a little while, I was worried that something might have happened to the eggs, because I didn't notice the parents flying in and out of the bush as much as I used to. Last week, though, I saw an adult robin sitting on the nest again, and yesterday afternoon, as I was walking by, I heard the happy (or hungry) chirping of baby birds!

The rhododendron is so thick that there's no way for me to get a full view into the nest, but with the babies popping their heads up high above the nest's rim, I'm just able to get a peek at them from below. And here they are!

They look to be quite far along already, eyes open and feathers bristling. Oh you beautiful ugly babies. :D


  1. Very cool! Our neighbor got overly intense with the hedge clippers on the forsythia that line our the drive that passes our house. He destroyed a robin's nest with four beautiful blue eggs in it. I was so distressed! So...good luck with your 'babies'! :-)

  2. Oh no, that is distressing! Yeah, I was worried about these guys, too, because after we found the nest, our landlord cut down a rhododendron bush in another part of the yard.... But this one stayed safe. :)