Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh my goodness, aren't you the cutest baby titmouse ever (also, squirrels)

Look at this little ball of fluffy cuteness that was resting in the juniper tree outside our apartment's office window today:

Stretch those baby titmouse wings!

This baby's brother or sister was in another branch, and their parents were foraging nearby. This little fellow looks so almost grown up, but it's still got that little bit of baby pink at the corners of its mouth -- sooooo cute!

While I was already looking out the window, I couldn't help taking a picture of this Gray Squirrel in the neighboring maple tree -- the squirrels are looking really sleek this time of year:

And apparently, maple seeds are delicious:

Have I mentioned how much I love my office window? :D (I'm doing work, really!)

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