Friday, June 10, 2011

Angry Birds and Cautious Turtles (and more)

After that ridiculous heat wave we just had, I was happy to get back out to the Naugatuck State Forest this morning. Not all the creatures there were happy to see me, though!

At one point, I must have accidentally gotten too close to a nest, because a pair of Ovenbirds started flipping out, flashing from bush to bush, raising their bright orange mohawks and yelling at me. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of them while they were so close (even if they weren't sitting still), but I soon left them in peace again and went on my way:

This creature wasn't exactly thrilled at my presence, either:

I happened upon this Painted Turtle right next to the path, in the process of digging a hole (or covering one up) with her back legs. I say "her" because I'm almost certain this must be a female in some stage of the egg-laying process. (I have to wonder, though, is the area next to a path really the best place to bury eggs?) She kept her head neatly tucked into her shell, and I made good use of my zoom lens before leaving her to her business. Such a pretty lady:

Everything else I saw today seemed more or less ambivalent toward me. This male Rose-breasted Grosbeak (perhaps the mate of the female I saw in this area a few weeks ago?) was singing calmly from his perch in a tree:

This weird-wacky bug (some sort of fishfly, Chauliodes sp.) was just sitting on a leaf -- it was something like two inches long, what a monster!

And of course the dragonflies were everywhere, doing their own thing. I actually managed to identify another one of these creatures today -- this is a Calico Pennant:

I just love the stained-glass-window effect of its wings in this next picture:

I can't close a post without mentioning some new flowers as well. The pretty little Partridgeberry blooms are just starting to open, creeping along the forest floor:

And the summer full-sun flowers have a new companion, this Daisy Fleabane:

I saw a lot of fun things today, and I'm glad that the weather decided to cool down. Here's hoping we get a nice long break before the heat gets too intense again!

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  1. Very cool ovenbirds! Very handsome Grosbeak! Amazingly you captured spent about 20 minutes one warm day last summer trying to capture one. Nice job!