Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Robin's egg blue

Look at these beautiful blue orbs that a pair of American Robins placed in the rhododendron bush next to our porch:

I got this picture by standing on the porch's edge and leaning waaaaay out over the bush (Paul was holding my hand to make sure I didn't fall). This method of stretching out my arm and blindly pointing the camera in approximately the right direction is actually the only way we have of seeing into the nest, and I wasn't even sure whether there were eggs in there at all until I snapped this picture!

It's so lovely to have animal families living right at our doorstep. :) 

Updated 6/6/11: I think this little family didn't actually happen. We haven't seen any adult robins on this nest in a while now, so maybe the eggs just didn't hatch. (I'm not really inclined to look in the nest to see what's in there now.) Ah well, these things happen. Hopefully the pair started a new nest somewhere else and will still get to raise babies this season.

Updated 6/7/11: Just kidding! I saw an adult robin back on the nest today, so I guess there is something going on there after all!

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  1. Congratulations on your 'family' - when the eggs hatch, you'll be treated to quite a chorus! ;-)