Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scarlet Tanager

Look who's arrived in the Connecticut woods after his northward journey:

It's a Scarlet Tanager! I don't know whether I've actually seen one of these guys in real life before, but boy are they something -- and bright. Pretty bird. :)

Also, I would just like to point out all the greenery growing on that tree. Soon it will be even harder to get pictures of birds, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice if it means beautiful summer-green forests!


  1. just found you from Saratoga W & W - I hike in Hamden at Sleeping Giant - will spend some time perusing your blog - wonderful photos!

    A friend went on a bird hike on Sunday - seeing a scarlet tanager he exclaimed - 'oh look, a black-winged red bird' - what a jokester ;-)

    happy trails!

  2. Thanks for your comment, hikeagiant2! Hehe, bird jokes. :P

    I love seeing Sleeping Giant whenever I'm driving on 91, and I keep meaning to go check it out but I haven't yet. When we lived in New Haven, we'd go to East Rock and West Rock all the time, and I miss them greatly. Now that I live in The Valley, the Naugatuck State Forest is my primary haunt.

    I'll definitely be following your blog now. Very cool!