Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Maryland wildlife

I have very little free time on this trip to Maryland, but I'm having fun spending what time I can outdoors. Here are some things we saw yesterday while walking on the bike path that runs behind my family's suburban house:

The wild blackberries are in full bloom right now, and taking up about a third of the space along the bike paths (the other two thirds of which are blanketed by the plants in the next two pictures). This is one good thing about Maryland -- the blackberries grow really big and really well. :)

Interspersed with the blackberries are the Multiflora Roses, an invasive species that's certainly established itself well here. I know, these plants are trouble, but they're quite pretty, as well.

And if there's one thing that Maryland does really well, it's Poison Ivy. This stuff grows like crazy here, with huge umbrella-like leaves that hang down from the trees and look deceptively harmless. I had to very carefully maneuver between the giant leaves to take this picture, because I was intrigued by these dainty flowers -- I don't think I've ever noticed them before.

We had fun watching this Cottontail Rabbit (probably an Eastern Cottontail, although I guess I can't say for sure) grooming itself on the path:

It was fastidiously cleaning its face and ears, just like our pet bunny does at home:

We actually got pretty close to it before it bounded away. What a bold bunny!

And of course, whenever one is in this part of Maryland, one must watch carefully for the ferocious(ly lovable) Newfoundland:



  1. Your post is proof that you can find 'treasures' even in your own back yard! :-)

    Who knew poison ivy (yech!) had flowers?

    The 'gentleman bunny' - Puts me in mind of Uncle Wiggly!

    When I got to the last photo, for a brief instant I thoughtL BEAR!!! :-)

  2. That's Westley, and he does often get mistaken for a bear. :P