Monday, March 17, 2014

Suiting Up for Spring

We've had American Goldfinches visiting our yard all winter for the first time this year. (They found our feeders in the fall.) These dainty little birds are delightful all the time, of course, but right now they're making me especially happy, because the males are changing into their summer costumes. Spring is on its way!

This guy has bright yellow feathers among the gray and brown, the beginnings of a black crown, and an almost-all-orange beak. This is such a drastic change from the plain grayish-yellow outfits these birds wore a month ago, and different again from the sleek and brilliant costumes they'll have by next month! I'll be excited to see these birds in their summer finery in the weeks to come. Right now, though, I'm loving these in-between patchwork suits. :)

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