Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yellow-rumped Warblers and Snow

A couple of Yellow-rumped Warblers are spending the winter around our yard for the first time this year. This isn't really so unusual for southern Connecticut, but it's an awesome novelty for me to get to see these fancy birds outside our windows every couple of days while the scenery is so cold and gray. So warblers in winter is already super strange for me. Add in the storm we got yesterday and things get really mind-bending: Warblers in snow??

Those yellow patches are especially brilliant (and beautiful) in the middle of a snow storm:

These birds were picking off some of the very last Red Cedar cones, which were apparently easier to find from below, with all that snow gathering on top of the branches:

Oh you gorgeous bird.

American Goldfinches were also adding their own bright yellow to the snowy scene. This is actually the first winter that these birds have hung around our yard as well. (They've discovered our feeders.)

Lovely birds and lovely snow.... Winter definitely brings some cool things!


  1. Writing from Texas. I found your photos/blog while searching for info on a (new to me) bird I saw this morning. Thanks to you I now know that the little beauty was a yellow-rumped warbler, and coincidently, it was snowing at the time. Wish I'd have had my trusty camera phone handy, but alas... Love your photos!

    1. I'm glad my photos were helpful! Wow, snow in Texas and a Yellow-rumped Warbler! That sounds like a special day. :)