Thursday, May 2, 2013

Aaaaahhhh (Big Spider)

OK, I'm not usually one to freak out about spiders, but it's hard not to freak out a little when you walk into your bathroom (as I did tonight) and find a monster like this on the floor:

Normal-sized quarter. Jumbo-sized spider.

My first thought was actually that this was some sort of prank. Surely we don't get wolf spiders this size in Connecticut, do we? Well, apparently we do. [Update: One of my readers pointed out that this is probably actually a fishing spider, genus Dolomedes, rather than a wolf spider, and I think that looks right! Thanks, David!]

The freak-out factor with this creature wasn't just about size. (After all, we had even bigger cellar spiders in our house last year, and I was fine with those.) Well, size was part of it, but this was also one hefty spider, and fast. When it moved, I could hear its legs tapping on the ground. I do not like it when I can hear all those legs in motion. And I know that this spider probably wouldn't lunge at me and bite me, but part of my mind kept bringing up the possibility.

Anyway, freaky or not, I dutifully got a cup and relocated the creature. (Paul flatly refused to go near it.... and I supposed I owed him, anyway, since he caught and released a large wasp that flew into our apartment earlier in the day. I will not deal with wasps, and Paul will not deal with spiders, which I guess makes us a good team?) And now that a few hours have passed, I think this spider is pretty darn cool. But I'd be happier if it just stays outside, OK?

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