Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weird Avian Visitor

This afternoon, I looked out my window and saw this totally strange bird on top of the house across the street:

It's definitely pigeon-shaped, but with a strangely long neck and legs, and an overly-large and bumpy beak. That pale skin around its eyes is pretty weird, too. It also had a purple band around its left leg (hidden in this picture), which is what tipped me off to a possible ID: I think this is someone's domestic pigeon! I don't know pigeon breeds at all, but it looks like it could be a racing pigeon, maybe something like this, or this.

So while this bird doesn't exactly count as wildlife, it was still pretty cool to see. It stuck around for a few minutes, alternating between pacing and resting, and then flew off. I wonder if it was in the middle of a race....

You just never know who's going to stop by next!

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