Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby Deer are Pretty

While we were visiting Paul's family in southern New Jersey this weekend, we saw a lot of deer. I already knew that White-tailed Deer were really common (and something of a nuisance) in their neighborhood, and we often see a few at a distance whenever we visit. But this weekend, the deer seemed especially numerous, and bold. At one point, we saw a doe and an antlered buck grazing a few feet from the road, and they barely moved when we drove slowly by and rolled down our windows to stare at them. And on Saturday morning, we watched a pair of fawns browsing through a neighbor's yard:

We walked closer -- talking and cameras clicking, not really trying very hard to be stealthy -- and the deer kept an eye on us but didn't show any signs of fear:

I guess these babies -- and the adults we saw earlier -- are pretty used to people now, after wandering through many neighborhoods without meeting any danger. These two fawns were getting quite big already, and I wonder how much longer they'll keep their lovely spots.

After a few minutes, we turned around, and the deer continued on their way. Booming White-tailed Deer populations certainly cause problems, but these creatures are still really cool to see.

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