Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Feather-legged Orb Weaver

While I was in the garden the other day, taking pictures of bugs, I noticed a small spider web tucked away under a leaf. Hanging in the center of the web was what looked at first glance like a dried leaf, or possibly a stray bit of bark:

On closer inspection, that "leaf" turned out to be two things: a female Feather-legged Orb Weaver (Uloborus glomosus), and her marvelously constructed egg sack. This spider is totally awesome, and I love her stealthy camouflage skills! Posed carefully like that, I don't think I would have looked at her twice if I hadn't already been in the habit of examining little things closely. (I also love her feathery boots!)

After a few minutes of watching her, a small fly flew into her web, and my new spider friend broke her cover to quickly dash over and wrap up her catch:

When I accidentally bumped the web's supports, though, she immediately snapped back into dead-leaf-mode. Nope, no spider here!

But she soon got bold again (or the fly was too tempting), and turned back into a spider to carry the bug to her earlier resting place and finish wrapping it up:

And now she could relax and keep watch over her brood while also munching on a snack:

Ah, that's the life!

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  1. Pretty darn amazing! Quite an epic tale you've told! :-)