Sunday, May 13, 2012

End of the Week Beach Sights

I was at Silver Sands State Park on Friday, and it was lovely. No time for a detailed post -- I'm in the middle of packing right now! -- but here are a few quick sights from the visit that I wanted to share.

Pretty little Blue Toadflax (Nuttallanthus canadensis) was blooming at the edges between trees and beach:

And I got my first really good look at a Glossy Ibis (a species of "special concern" in Connecticut) as it foraged in the marshes -- glossy indeed!

That's quite the beak you've got there, bird:

Finally, this Groundhog appears to have made a home in the marsh -- I love the grumpy-old-man expression it's giving me in this picture!

It may be a little while before you hear from me again: On Tuesday, we're leaving for a week-long adventure in Florida! This trip will feature several days in Disney World (Paul's choice vacation spot), followed by a couple of days exploring some nearby natural areas. There will be awesomeness, and there will be animals.... And there's a very good chance I'll be making a post or two about the trip afterwards. Stay tuned!

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