Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Pine Warbler Up Close

Have I mentioned recently how much I love the Red Cedar tree right outside our apartment's office window?

This afternoon, a Pine Warbler passed through our yard and gave this tree a good going-over, allowing me to see this bird really up close. It's not the most dazzling of the spring warblers, but a very pretty little bird nonetheless:

I love that soft wash of yellow. Most of the pictures of male Palm Warblers I've seen have been brighter in color, so perhaps this was a female bird? She (or he -- I'm still not sure) was flitting quickly from branch to branch, looking all over for a meal. See anything good up there?

Sleek and graceful from some angles, and a little puffball from others -- aren't warblers great?

I'm always happy to get visitors in our tree, and it was a joy to have this inquisitive creature around for a few minutes before it moved on. Feel free to come back again any time, little bird!