Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ring-necked Ducks

OK, so I convinced Paul to go with me to the woods today. Not too much exciting going on (nothing to rival yesterday's trip, anyway), but we did see three Ring-necked Ducks, which I didn't even know existed until I looked them up to identify them just now.

Ah, yes, the Ring-necked Duck, so appropriately named for its...not-ringed neck? I'm a little confused by this. Oh well!

I guess these guys are pretty common in Southern Connecticut during the winter (in the summer they live way up North), but I'm sure I've never seen them before. They have really cool gray/black/white bills that look almost metallic (as Paul described it) through the binoculars. Maybe "Metal-billed Duck" would be a more appropriate name -- or just "Metalliduck" to make things easier? Yes, I think I like that better. Yay, new birds!

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