Friday, March 25, 2011

Flowering trees and a froggie update

I went back to the woods this afternoon, for all the normal reasons, of course, but also to check on the Wood Frogs I saw there last week. The frogs were absent today, but look what they left behind:

Eggs! Soon there will be little baby proto-Wood-Frogs (I mean tadpoles) swimming around in these pools. :D This was the only clump of eggs I saw (although I didn't make an exhaustive search), and I know this is a lot of eggs, number-wise, but it really seems like there should be more for all the frogs that were hanging out here last week. I'm wondering whether the cold weather has temporarily deterred the frogs' activities and they'll be back for round two once it gets warmer again, or if this is it for the breeding season this year.... I guess I'll just have to keep checking the pools to see what happens!

In non-amphibian news, I spent some time admiring this lovely Pussy Willow growing on the banks of the lake:

Such happy, fuzzy flowers (or "catkins", as I have just learned to call them). And for whatever reason, they remind me of elementary school.

I did also see a bunch of cool birds today, but unfortunately they were all too far away and moving too quickly for my low-tech camera and my gloved fingers to handle, so I don't have any pictures to show: a Great Blue Heron, a Belted Kingfisher, an Eastern Phoebe (a new one for me, so fun to watch with its bobbing tail and super-quick leaps into the air to catch bugs).

Overall, it was a very lovely day. I'm looking forward to the warm weather arriving, for real this time -- weather predictions say it should be back at 50 by the end of next week!

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