Monday, February 21, 2011

This is a blog....

OK, I gave into peer pressure (i.e. pressure from Paul) and have started a blog. And I guess this is it!

I have no grand goals for this blog -- I plan on using it as an outlet for the fun sorts of things I currently share haphazardly with family and friends: outdoors things, wildlife in the yard and in the woods, the garden (when the snow goes away). Most of what I post on here will fall into those categories (hence the name of the blog), but I reserve the right to digress into posts about food and cooking as well, as the mood strikes me. I like sharing the things I see, especially interesting plants and animals, and even if my contributions end up floating around in the internet-void without anyone else seeing them, I think it'll be fun.

And now I won't have to send emails to my parents about the chickadee-titmouse drama outside my window.... I can post those sorts of things here instead. :P

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