Monday, February 21, 2011

A first real post: birds and things

Today was the last day of the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC, good stuff), so I spent maybe more time than usual looking out the windows. I don't really consider myself a birder, but I have been learning new birds (and all the time, it seems) ever since I got my own pair of binoculars last Fall. Here's one that I learned just the other day: the red-shouldered hawk. This guy (or girl) was perched right at the very top of the tall dead tree across the street (a favorite perch around here for hawks and crows). I will say this: one of the absolute best things about this apartment is the view.

We see red-bellied woodpeckers around here quite frequently, but I couldn't resist grabbing a picture of this handsome fellow (definitely a guy this time).

I also may have seen an immature bald eagle fly over the house this afternoon. That's a new one for me, though, so I'm not very confident.

(OK, I know I said I'm not a birder, but the fact is most of the pictures I post will probably be of birds. It's not my fault -- there's just so many of them and they're so cool.)

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