Friday, June 2, 2017

Surprise Robin Nest

There's an arching, clematis-covered trellis near our house. Actually, this trellis is along a route with pretty regular foot-traffic, since the pathway between the parking area and our house (and some other peoples' houses, too) goes under this arch:

Well, this afternoon I watched an American Robin fly over to the trellis with a worm in its beak, and then fly away again without the worm. So I looked a little closer, and wouldn't you know it, the robins have a nest in the trellis, tucked behind clematis leaves and up against the wood, right at eye level. Do you see the female robin watching me through her wooden window?

And inside the archway, here's her tail sticking out from among the leaves:

I kept my distance so I wouldn't disturb Mother Robin on her nest. But a few hours later I saw that she was away, so I snuck over and peered inside the nest with my phone's camera to find one perfect egg:

What a place to put a nest. I wonder if this is the same pair of robins that a few weeks ago built and abandoned a nest in the branches of a nearby tree, and then later spent a few rainy and windy days testing out porch lights at our house and our neighbors' house as possible nest platforms. If so, these robins have been though quite a lot already this spring. I hope their hidden trellis nest will finally be a success!


  1. We have cardinal nests and they always build in the very worst places. Once the chicks hatch out we have to make sure they're safe from our dogs and neighbor's cats.

  2. Here's hoping that the clematis vine grows more leaves and flowers and keeps her nest a secret to less caring folk. I do enjoy your photo adventures.