Sunday, September 16, 2012

Next Up in the Migration Parade...

Perhaps "caravan" would be a more suitable word, but either way, the stream of south-bound birds passing through our yard just keeps going, and today brought some very cool new visitors.

A juvenile Red-eyed Vireo (its eyes are still brown, so it's not yet an adult) stopped to search the Red Cedar branches for tasty bugs, and we got to look each other over:

And in the vireo's wake was a pretty little Magnolia Warbler:

Magnolia Warblers are strikingly marked with black, white, and yellow in the spring, but even in its more subdued fall outfit this bird was amazingly bright! (This next picture provides a better representation of the bird's colors in real life.)

I never get to see vireos so close up, because they're usually high in trees while I'm far below, and Magnolia Warblers only pass through Southern Connecticut in the spring and fall, so both of these birds were pretty awesome to see. It feels positively luxurious to be home and have such a wide variety of creatures come to me. What a fantastic time of year!


  1. Great shots of both the Vireo and the Magnolia Warbler. It is cool to see all these birds migrating thru our state. Have a great week ahead.

    1. Thanks! It is really great to see all these birds passing through, and I'm glad I can share. :)