Friday, May 26, 2017

Efts on a Dewy Morning

This past Tuesday morning, I was back at the Roy H. Park Preserve to walk through dew-covered meadows and woods. It must have been a good day for a walk, because I crossed paths with three Red Efts who were also out and strolling across the damp ground. Efts are the land-walking juvenile phase of the Red-spotted Newt, and they're wonderful:

Hello darling eft, I love your newty face:

And your delicate feet:

This eft was framed by symmetrical cinquefoil leaves:

Happy wandering, little efts!

Some brightly colored creatures were moving around in the trees as well. A pair of Common Yellowthroats stuck close together as they foraged:

A male Chestnut-sided Warbler was singing near the entrance to the preserve when I arrived, and he was still singing when I left a couple of hours later:

It was a lovely damp-morning walk indeed. Yay spring!

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