Friday, March 17, 2017

March Snow!

Well that was definitely a snow storm! We had heavy snow and wind throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, and then when it was all over, Thursday morning was clear, bright, beautiful, and very snowy:

The reported snowfall in the area was around 15 inches, but there was so much wind that some spots (like a patch of yard next to our house) ended up with almost no snow, while other spots (like the garden bed out front where some hopeful daffodils were thinking about blooming a couple of weeks ago) are now under 3-foot snow drifts. So I didn't get very far when I somewhat foolishly tried to walk in the Roy H. Park Preserve on Thursday morning without my snowshoes. I'd forgotten how hard it is to walk while repeatedly sinking into almost-knee-high snow! Before I turned around I was at least able to admire the walls of snow-covered conifers:

And I enjoyed these dainty alder catkins (not yet in bloom) that were dangling next to the path:

When I got back home, I strapped on my snowshoes and added another layer of clothing (it was sunny outside but the wind was intense!) and I headed back out to walk along the fields near our house. I wasn't about to miss out on one of the only substantial snowfalls we've had this winter!

I love the combination of snow and bright blue sky, and this sky was amazing:

The wind really was strong. Big clouds of snow kept blowing off the trees on a neighboring hillside:

And when I turned around after 15 minutes or so of walking, the wind was already working on filling in my footprints:

A Turkey Vulture soared overhead, showing off wing and tail feathers that look like they could be made of steel:

What a cool sight: huge majestic Turkey Vulture and huge billowy clouds:

One more picture:

I'm glad I got to enjoy these post-snowstorm sights. Today has remained sunny and beautiful, and our neighborhood American Kestrel even stopped by again, looking extra handsome in the bright afternoon light:

With all the sunshine, the snow is already on its way out. I'll be curious to see how long it takes for this snow to fully melt!

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