Friday, March 20, 2015

Velcro Squirrel

It took about seven months, but a clever Fox Squirrel has finally figured out how to get to the seeds in one of our window feeders. We call her "Tufty" because of the strange tuft of fur on her left ear. She's taken to climbing up the screen door near the feeder:

(Yes, I'm watching you!)

From there, if she holds onto the screen with her hind feet, she can just barely reach out and latch her front feet onto the feeder:

Fox Squirrels are pretty darn big, and she's already knocked this feeder onto the ground many times. If she can't get enough mouthfuls of seeds with the stretch-and-velcro method, she'll unstick her hind feet and try to climb up into the feeder. Sometimes this actually works, and she just barely fits herself in there to chow down:

Mmm, seeds!

Other times the feeder is too unstable to hold her weight, and she ends up swinging to the side with seeds spilling out onto her head:


We're happy to clean up after her, inventive creature that she is. At least it's just the one squirrel at just the one feeder! (So far.)

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  1. They are extremely clever & you're very forgiving!