Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cozy Raccoon and Company

I'd almost forgotten how lovely Southford Falls State Park is. Good thing I visited this morning to remind myself!

I wasn't the only one enjoying these shady woods. Hey, is that a furry creature up in that tree?

The ball of fur dozed for a while, but then shifted around to show a ringed tail:

And little paw-hands and a masked face:

What a perfect perch for a sleepy Raccoon! The creature shifted a bit more to find the most comfortable position:

The most comfortable position, of course, would be one that doesn't involve a person pointing and clicking a camera at you, even from a distance. OK, no need to glare, I'm leaving:

Wow, what a beautiful reddish color on this creature's shoulders. Thank you for hanging out here, handsome/adorable Raccoon. (So cool!)

An Eastern Garter Snake was also out and about in the woods:

Garter snakes are always pretty, but I especially like the dark spots behind this individual's head:

Yay, little snake:

Familiar late-spring wildflowers were brightening up the woodland floor, including big patches of Canada Mayflower (Maianthemum canadense):

Feathery plumes of False Solomon's Seal (Maianthemum racemosum):

And pale floating Spotted Geranium (Geranium maculatum):

Near the park's pond, Eastern Kingbirds chased each other and hunted from high perches:

And dozens of the palest, wispiest damselflies (perhaps newly emerged) fluttered around:

A lovely woods walk indeed!


  1. What a great walk, with so many interesting things to see. Especially that sleepy Raccoon. Thanks for bringing us along.

  2. You do find the coolest creatures!