Monday, October 14, 2013

Fish Crow Invasion

Something strange happened this past Saturday (October 12). It was late afternoon, and I was starting to think about cooking food, when I heard a big ruckus outside. I looked out the window and there were crows all over. As far as I could tell, there were about 100 birds out there, crowded into several nearby trees, and chowing down on our Red Cedar cones. (Everybody likes these things!) I have to say, it was a little disconcerting to look outside and see rows of crows looming over me:

Even weirder than the number of crows, though, was the species. These were Fish Crows -- I could only tell this because of their constant nasal cawing -- which I'm used to encountering whenever I'm at the shore, but which I almost never see in our yard. Around here, black corvids are pretty much always American Crows. So we got invaded by a passing mob (or "murder," I guess) of Fish Crows! Crazy and cool!

These birds were already impressive when they were just sitting around and eating, but their numbers were especially intimidating when they took to the air:

And the sound of all these birds was pretty intense, too. I took a quick video to try to capture the sound (most of the birds had flown out of easy view by the time I got ready to record), and it more or less worked:

Exciting stuff!


An update!

On Tuesday (October 16), the crows came back! This time, the lighting was better, so here are two more videos of Fish Crows taking over our yard:


(So many Fish Crows!)


  1. So cool! I saw a lot of Fish Crows when I lived in Georgia. Now I'm so used to ravens that they look scrawny in comparison.

    1. Fish Crows are cool, but ravens are extra awesome! I wish I saw more of those guys around here!

  2. The migration stop over must have reminded you of the Hitchcock film.