Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Taking the Kids for a Walk in the Park (And I Don't Mean Human Children)

Between rain storms yesterday morning (we've been getting a lot of rain recently), I made a very quick visit to Osbornedale State Park. As I rounded a corner in the meadows, I noticed that someone else was also enjoying a stroll along the park's paths -- three someones, in fact!

Oh my goodness, what a perfect little family you have, Mrs. White-tailed Deer! And you're looking quite healthy and elegant yourself. (Hey, where did child #2 go?)

(Ah, there he/she is.)

Really, could these babies be any cuter? Their dappling is just so wonderful.

I can't believe these creatures stayed around for as long as they did, with me in my bright yellow rain jacket staring and camera-clicking at them from across the meadow. Right after I took this last picture, the two babies bounded into the tall grass, and Mom moved out of sight. Thanks for sharing your family with me, Mrs. Deer!

Other sights from this too-brief walk include this gorgeous dragonfly, a jewel on rain-dotted leaves -- I think it's a female Slaty Skimmer (Libellula incesta):

And bunches of just-ripening Black Raspberries (yuuuummm; I gladly helped myself to a few):

The actual meadows made curtains of color and smelled amazing, with so many different flowers in bloom:

I hate to think of all the things I'm missing every day while I sit inside doing work. Sure, I'm being productive, but.... Flowers! Baby animals! Strange bugs! For now I'll just grab whatever opportunities come up, and savor even the short trips like this one. :)


  1. Beautiful photos as always, Elizabeth!

  2. Wonderful chance to see the two fawns! And I love a meadow at this time of year - full of flowers and bugs.

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