Friday, March 29, 2013

Wood Frogs!

Today was pretty much the perfect spring-like day. Paul and I decided we had to take advantage of such gorgeous weather (sweatshirts, not coats!), so we went for an afternoon walk in West Rock Ridge State Park, where I was super excited to find Wood Frogs in full courtship mode! Yaaay, Wood Frogs!!

This little pool (almost more of a big puddle, really) was practically roiling with dozens of male Wood Frogs, all calling and charging around at each other. I actually only saw one pair of frogs that had coupled up, and no other females. (I'm sure the girls were hiding in there somewhere.) These frogs were so totally engrossed in displaying their masculinity that they didn't seem to care at all that Paul and I were walking around (not quietly) just feet away from them. These guys mean serious business.

I just love these creatures, and it was really great to get to show them to Paul, who'd never experienced their mating frenzy before. We just stood there for a while, watching these frogs wrestle and listening to their ridiculously loud/hilarious chorus, and it was awesome -- definitely one of my favorite spectacles of early spring.

Here's a brief video I recorded of these frogs in action. (Note the air sacs on either side of this guy's head.... I was really surprised when I first learned that this is how male Wood Frogs work, and I still think it's extremely cool.)

As a bonus, we heard a few Spring Peepers in the woods today as well. So now that the amphibians are waking up, I think that means spring can really begin. :)


  1. Still waiting on the Spring Peepers. You're right, they signal the start of spring!