Friday, February 8, 2013

Bird Flurries, Mid Storm

Well, serious snow is happening now! It's been snowing all day -- we have a few good inches already -- and blizzard conditions are supposed to hit us around midnight. I am excited. :)

At once point earlier this afternoon, our local birds burst into a storm of activity in the trees outside our apartment's windows, and I got completely stuck watching all these little songbirds playing (OK, I guess "foraging" is a more accurate term) in the gathering snow.

There were handfuls of Dark-eyed Juncos, little soot-colored puffballs:

Some of the juncos were even eating bittersweet berries, which is something I don't think I've seen them do before:

There were also several Black-capped Chickadees (of course):

A lovely female Northern Cardinal (who looks a bit grumpy in this picture; doesn't she like being covered in snow?):

And a bunch of Tufted Titmouses -- one titmouse in particular stole the show with its utter cuteness:

I just love that fan-shaped tail, and that pointy, pointy head!

You, Mr. or Mrs. Titmouse, are one snazzy bird:

Hopefully everyone's all snug and safe now, ready to ride out the blizzard ahead. (The wind's really starting to pick up as I type this.) Also, I'm glad I finally decided to fill the old bird feeder in our front yard recently -- the birds sure seemed to appreciate the free meal in today's weather!

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  1. What a fun way to spend riding out the snow storm - watching the birds! I bet lots and lots of people are doing the same thing.