Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Icy Woodland Sights, and the Cutest Chickadee Ever

I visited Southford Falls State Park this morning, where I was happy to find a couple of inches of snow still on the ground, and a lovely iced-up pond:

We probably won't have scenes like this for long, since it looks like we'll have 50-degree temperatures and rain in a few days.... So these wintry sights will have to last me until our next snowfall!

One of my favorite things about this park is its big rocks in the woods -- the results of ancient glacial activity:

These blocky structures are quite imposing, but the moss and snow soften their edges a little:

I love this rock's shelf of greenery under its snowy blanket:

Snow and ice are pretty, but some parts of the path were downright trecherous (don't go this way!):

In another spot, the snow preserved a fascinating footprint (my foot provides a size comparison):

Dinosaur?! Well, I guess probably not, although that actually was my first thought. (We recently visited Dinosaur State Park, which features hundreds of preserved dinosaur footprints that look remarkably like this one -- so I had dinosaurs on the brain.) Barring a prehistoric visitor, then, I'm guessing this is the mark of a vulture, or possibly some other large bird of prey. [Edit: Or a Wild Turkey! Thanks to Quodlibet for the suggestion.]

The park's stream brought some cool sights as well, including this icy skirt beneath a large rock:

And myriad ice-islands centered around smaller rocks in the water:

Towards the end of my walk, I was admiring some dangling Alder catkins (which will bloom and turn orangey-yellow in the spring):

While a couple of extremely obliging (i.e., fearless) Black-capped Chickadees foraged just a few feet away from me. These guys must've been finding some tasty morsels in these twigs, because they were digging into the wood with woodpecker-like intensity:

I actually saw bits of wood flying as they worked away:

One chickadee came especially close for a few seconds, so you'll have to pardon a brief burst of pictures -- these creatures are just way too adorable, and I can't resist them:

Goodness, but you're gorgeous:

I really just want to snuggle this creature and its fluffy, fluffy belly:

The world is definitely better with snow and woods and chickadees. :)


  1. Cute and so similar to some of our tits. Their little beaks are tweet :-)

  2. Pretty wintry scenes and I love the cute chickadee!

  3. Chickadees, especially when they're fluffed up in the cold, are so cute who could possibly resist snapping their photo! Enjoyed all the shots.

  4. Gorgeous chickadees! I love them.

    Your blog is beautiful; I look forward to your postings.

    Did you consider wild turkey for that big footprint? They are in and out of the woods.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind comment! And oh, a wild turkey! I don't know how that possibility didn't occur to me before, but it does seem likely! :D