Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Well, we made it through Megastorm Sandy in one piece, and we even still have power, unlike more than half of our town. I drove around outside for a bit today, and there are plenty of downed trees (big ones) and power lines out there, and I know we were very lucky to get through so unaffected. I can only hope for a quick recovery for those people who were hit badly by the storm.

In our yard this afternoon, several birds were making up for yesterday's horrible weather by foraging pretty much nonstop, and among those birds were two Golden-crowned Kinglets who spent quite a bit of time within camera-range of our windows.... How can I pass up the opportunity to take pictures of these fancy (and fidgety) little birds?

I'm always kind of amazed at how small kinglets are -- when I saw these guys out of the corner of my eye today, I thought for a split second that I was seeing hummingbirds. And because they're small, it's really easy to overlook them. I might have mentioned this before, but I'd never even heard of a kinglet until a couple of years ago. I think such a gorgeous bird deserves much more public attention:

These Golden-crowned Kinglets were looking particularly pretty among the bright orange and red Asian Bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) berries -- these plants are invasive, but they are very pretty, too:

I'm glad I got to see these kinglets up close, tiny striped puffballs that they are. :)


  1. Beautiful shots of the Kinglet. Well done!

  2. Holy cow! Great job getting pictures of those kinglets! I never get to see them that close, or have them sit still long enough for me. They're such sweet little birds :-)

    1. There were a LOT of blurry pictures in this batch of photos -- I don't think kinglets actually know how to sit still. :P Thanks for the comment!

  3. The fact that they fluff out their feathers to stay warm makes them look plump. Our birds are also eating like crazy today - mostly titmice and nuthatches this morning. Lots of other birds are getting seeds out in the fields.

  4. Saw a group of six or seven Golden Crowned Kinglets in the grass today. Only the second time I've seen them in my life. Sweet flighty things. Love the lick of color and they were so tiny I thought they were leaves fluttering in the damp grass.