Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Mockingbird Concert, Bluebirds, and More

While out getting my car's oil changed this afternoon, I found myself near Osbornedale State Park, and it was such a lovely sunny day, I just had to stop by and take a look around. And I'm glad I did, because there was lots to see! The Red-winged Blackbirds were calling (hello, spring!), a Peregrine Falcon soared overhead, and tons of songbirds foraged next to the paths and in the mowed fields.

I especially enjoyed watching a small flock of Eastern Bluebirds flying through the fields and using bramble canes as convenient perches. The females were pretty, like pale blue/brown flags:

And the males were gorgeous:

I mean really, could that blue be any brighter? It was lots of fun watching these guys zoom around the brown fields:

At the edge of the bluebird field, I got treated to a concert by a Northern Mockingbird -- I knew these birds were vocalizing experts, but I don't think I've ever really stopped to listen to one before. Here's a video I took of a portion of this bird's offering:

Mockingbirds pick up songs from other birds around them (hence "mocking"), and so much of this mockingbird's repertoire sounds familiar to me, but I'm still greatly lacking in my bird-song identification skills. Parts of this video sound chickadee-like to me, other parts Blue Jay-ish, but I'm not certain about any of it. Do you recognize any specific songs in this mockingbird's concert?

I have one last sighting from today's walk, and it's poop:

From what I've read, and with all that hair, I'm almost certain this is Red Fox scat, although I'll be happy if any of my more knowledgeable readers can correct me. I kept finding it all along the paths through the fields where I was walking, which makes me think there might be a very active fox maintaining a territory here. It would've been cool to actually see the creature, but it's also just interesting to think that it walked these paths before me, and left some signs to mark its passing.

We're supposed to get some really warm temperatures in the next couple of days (possibly low 60s on Thursday), so you can bet I'll be out in the woods again soon. I'm just waiting for spring to really get going!

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  1. Oh my, it sure was worth stopping to visit that park. Such vivid bluebirds, all dressed in spring finery.