Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Fluffy Blue Jay

It's been pretty cold outside these past couple of days, but this Blue Jay knows how to keep warm, all puffed up in the bare-branched coniferous tree (is it a tamarack?) in our back yard:

I'm a little surprised I haven't posted any pictures of Blue Jays here until now -- they're constantly around our house and are quite fun to look at, even from far away. It's nice to stop and appreciate the really common creatures every once in a while. Stay warm, Blue Jay!

(And yes, after looking at the myriad hearts-in-nature pictures that have been scattered all over the internet today, I can't help seeing a heart shape in this bird's chest. So... happy Valentine's Day?)


  1. I would definitely say that's a tamarack.

  2. Awesome, thanks Rebecca! I've been wondering about that tree for a while now -- it's growing at the fence between two yards, and it's pretty big (a little taller than the maple trees next to it). I didn't know whether people sometimes planted tamaracks in their yards, but I guess they do! Unless it could be another type of (non-native) larch?