Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Unexpected Gift


And here I thought yesterday's frost was pretty; the thick snowflakes that fell today made the landscape outside our windows nothing short of stunning. I especially love the way the snow accents the fall leaves at their peak. How often am I going to get to see our yard's Red Maple looking like this?

Despite the heavy snow, it was business as usual today for our resident Gray Squirrels. I can't tell: is this little one excited about the snow, perturbed, or just indifferent?

I do so love snow. What an amazing birthday present. :)


  1. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! Glad you received and enjoyed the snow. I not like it.

  2. The snow was great! It's slowly disappearing by now, but its effects are still around.... The power in our entire town got knocked out! (I guess this is a great example of "be careful what you wish for.") :P