Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two Sights from a Brief Walk

My walk this morning in the Naugatuck State Forest was a short one, yet there's always something interesting to see. Here are two tidbits from today's walk:

First, a spider's web (some sort of orb weaver, species unknown), illuminated by a rogue sunbeam among the densely-packed trees:

Spiders' webs are endlessly fascinating, not only because of their complexity, but also because of their insubstantiality -- from a different angle, this same spider seemed suspended on the frailest of single threads:

On one of the lakes, a distant Double-crested Cormorant slid like an orange-tipped arrow across the water's surface, and I noticed for the first time a distinctly autumnal tint in the surrounding foliage:

I guess this means Fall is really on its way. I'm ready. :)

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