Monday, July 18, 2011

Song Sparrows, Alert!

Whenever I go out into my garden now, two Song Sparrows go into high alert, flitting around in the branches right above my head and cheeping at me agitatedly. I don't want to make them angry, but... this does mean that I've been able to get some really close-up pictures, with much more detail than I'm used to!

I can't really believe I used to think all sparrows were boring. Not only do Song Sparrows have pretty (and fun) songs, but they've got all those bold stripes and spots. Even dressed all in shades of brown and tan, I think they're really quite attractive.

Hello, little bird. :)

I'm sure this behavior must mean these guys have a nest around here somewhere, but I haven't yet been able to find it. Hopefully that means it's well hidden, and if I can't see it, maybe the roaming cats in the neighborhood won't find it either. Be safe, Song Sparrows!

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